Lisbeth Quartett (EN)

Charlotte Greve_Sax
Manuel Schmiedel_Piano
Marc Muellbauer_Bass
Moritz Baumgärtner_Drums

New CD: Release (INTAKT RECORDS), Release 06/2022

With Release, the highly acclaimed Lisbeth Quartett presents a greatly anticipated album on Intakt Records. After twelve years and five albums, Charlotte Greve, who has just been awarded the German Jazz Prize for “Artist of the Year”, has relied on her intuitive sensibilities to create the new music for Release. The result is an album marked by sensitive interplay – a collection of stunningly subtle and melodically pronounced songs that are both gentle and powerfully fluid. Even if the musicians are across the world in Berlin or New York City, all traveling and working on their respective projects, they seem to meld and blend with ease because of their history together and their knowledge of each other’s instrumental styles. “They have all cultivated the ability to play their instruments gently and cleanly aligning with the style of even sounds and tone they have refined throughout their journeys together. Twelve years is a long time and the span of thousands of moments that they have shared having brought them to where they are today, working as a unit, creating new music in this post-modern era and continuing their legacy as a leading band in the international jazz landscape”, writes Jordannah Elizabeth in the liner notes.

Press Quotes:

“Four Virtuosos avoid the predictable and understand each other blindly.” Stereoplay, audiophile highlight of the month

“When Charlotte Greve puts her alto into position, she gets the right intonation immediately. The sound is powerful, but not dominant, smooth and on alert likewise.”

„A quartet of international standing“
Oliver Hochkeppel, Süddeutsche Zeitung

“Nothing in this music is predictable. Charlotte Greve’s Lisbeth Quartet demonstrates a piece of highly mature Jazz.”
DIE ZEIT #44, Stefan Hentz

With great calmness, these four musicians embark on a promising expedition, of which the results in the future will surely be worth waiting for. – RONDO, Josef Engels

Moments of mesmerizing energy, with intensity and intimacy that one would hardly expect from such young virtuosi. – Jazzthing
Charlotte Greve, Manuel Schmiedel, Marc Muellbauer und Moritz Baumgartner interact with organic intelligence, cool aplomb, and cunning savvy. – Jazzpodium, Tobias Bocker

The quartet doesn’t define itself by means of juvenile Sturm und Drang. More so, in their improvisations, they focus and define themselves through melodious details. – FAZ

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photos: © Dovile Sermorkas