Daniel Erdmann’s Thérapie De Couple (EN)

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Thérapie de couple – we are talking, of course, about the Germany-France couple, the engine of Europe, which now and then finds itself in crisis. …. Daniel Erdmann knows both sides very well, the differences, the similarities, the possible misunderstandings, the psychology of the two countries.

Saxophonist and bandleader Daniel Erdmann is the ideal counsellor because he knows the differences, the similarities, the possible misunderstandings, the psychology of these two countries very well. He is particularly pleased to have been invited to put together a new German-French sextet and, in selecting musicians, has opted for a combination of those he already knows very well – and the security that comes with that – and inviting completely new people who bring with them the desire and magic of uncertainty.

Daniel Erdmann has been travelling between Germany and France for over 20 years.  German-French and European projects are at the centre of his work, in which he has been supported by Philippe Ochem and the Jazzdor Festival from the very beginning. Jazzdor is once again a partner and sponsor for the new band. Projects over the past 20 years include bands such as Das Kapital and Velvet Revolution, but also quartets, trios and duos with Heinz Sauer, Christophe Marguet, Vincent Courtois, Aki Takase, Henri Texier and many others.

There are at least two ways to start a new band. You can rely on musicians you have worked with for a long time, who you know well and who you know will “work”. When composing, you can use their strengths, you can try to take the music even further, there is a certain security. Or you can get involved in something new: With musicians you may have heard in concerts or on recordings, but with whom you have never ” exchanged sounds “. This second possibility brings freshness, new discoveries and a lot of uncertainty, from which magical moments can arise.

For the sextet, Daniel Erdmann allows himself the luxury of using both methods described above. He is lucky that two musicians from France, with whom he has played a lot in recent years, have agreed to join him in the new project: Violinist Théo Ceccaldi, member of the band Velvet Revolution, and cellist Vincent Courtois, with whom Daniel Erdmann has been working in various bands since 2008, first in a quartet with Frank Möbus and Samuel Rohrer, then in Vincent’s trio with Robin Fincker and on the side in various projects with painters, actors, singers. All these common experiences can be a basis for imagining a band sound when composing.

Other band members who have accepted the offer of this new collaboration include the young French clarinettist Hélène Duret, who is currently touring all the clubs and festivals in France with her band Suzanne. Her velvety clarinet sound combines wonderfully with the saxophone sound of Daniel Erdmann. The rhythmic basis of this sextet is formed by drummer Eva Klesse and bassist Robert Lucaciu, two now established greats of the German jazz scene, who in turn know each other well from the Leipzig jazz scene.

A solid rhythm section that can also go unexpected ways, different generations and individual voices that can also put themselves at the service of the group sound.  A German-French couple therapy full of the joy of playing with some of the best musicians of both countries. That is Daniel Erdmann’s idea for this new adventure.

Photos (Romu Ducros)