Marie Kruttli Trio (EN)

Marie Krüttli_piano, composition
Lukas Traxel_upright bass
Gautier Garrigue_drums


The Marie Kruttli Trio inspires, vivid, fresh, brilliant and audacious. The swiss pianist creates with a sophisticated and personal language, a deep rhythmical and harmonic research.Thanks to the interpretation of the trio, full of lightness and groove, this music speaks to the body and the heart. With a mature sound, a special aesthetic and a bewitching virtuosity, the three musicians deliver a highly pertinent music. No hipster minimalism, no irony but clear and powerful ideas. Kruttli’s playing impresses at every level, delivering with defined ease, complex rhythms, colourful harmonics and overlapping tones. She navigates her band through a mysterious, soulful musical landscape. In December 2023, the trio went into the studio to record a new album, which will be released in October 2024 on the renowned Swiss label INTAKT.

Marie Kruttli is a Swiss pianist, composer, producer who lives in Berlin. She was born in a village in Switzerland, in a family of musicians and started playing the piano at the age of 6. She first learned classical music and then switched to jazz (obtaining later on a bachelor and master at HEMU Lausanne and HSLU Luzern academies). Marie received numerous prizes for her performance and composition work. The band that she has performed the most with so far is her trio (now with bassist Lukas Traxel and drummer Gautier Garrigue) but the artist is working also on a project called Dragon Life which was born from her producing work. It is a band that has two different constellations (duo and sextet) where she also uses her voice and synthesisers.
Swiss bassist Lukas Traxel played with big players like Colin Vallon, Elina Duni, Lionel Loueke,
Kurt Rosenwinkel and many more…
French drummer Gautier Garrigue played with big players like Henri Texier, Seamus Blake, Uri
Caine…He also was elected numerous times as “drummer of the year” in France.

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