Marie Kruttli – Solo Piano (EN)


The young jazz pianist Marie Krüttli hails from the French-speaking part of Switzerland and has gained an outstanding international reputation in recent years with her trio and solo work. Now she presents Transparence, her first solo piano album. After a classical education, she
became more and more interested in other forms of musical expression, particularly jazz, in which she discovered a music which allows a different physicality and intuition. Krüttli‘s music follows an intuitive approach, with a broad harmonic vocabulary and rhythmic finesse. In the liner notes, Jordannah Elizabeth calls Krüttli “a young visionary and a premiere European jazz pianist whose touching, penetrating compositions make waves throughout the jazz community
and beyond.”

“In this first recording alone at the piano, Marie reveals what we already knew from her earlier work: she is a formidable pianist and musician. But here she takes us on a journey of introspection, a ‘ricercar’, where spontaneity and creativity are accompanied by an elegantly personal sense of form.” Benoît Delbecq, January 2023